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MotorLot's team answers your leads FAST from Facebook, Craigslist and SMS every hour of every day.

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Your salespeople are not answering leads at night, weekends or holidays. We are!

Keep your digital storefront open at all hours. After work and nighttime shoppers want to talk with you. Time shift workers want to buy cars too!

Instant Response From Humans
(We Never Use Bots)

The odds of the lead entering the sales process, or becoming qualified, are 21 times greater when contacted within five minutes versus 30 minutes after the lead was submitted (InsideSales).

Win The Race

Customers are shopping multiple cars and dealers. 50% of leads go with the vendor that responds first (Podium). We setup appointments and test drives handed off to your salespeople.

No Robots

MotorLot's human team answers all leads with no script and we can customize responses for your dealership.

Facebook Ranking

If you don't respond quickly Facebook ranks your inventory lower and you get less leads = less sales.

Cut Out Time Wasters

Some leads are a waste of time. Spend your time buying & selling cars while we hand you only qualified leads.

Works With All CRMs

Your qualified leads can immediately be sent to your CRM, messaged or emailed to you.

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What People Say About Us

“We have been a satisfied MotorLot customer for 6 plus years. Their internet based software is very efficient for our business”

Autowerks of NWA

“We are very happy MotorLot customers. Our internet traffic has doubled in the past year largely thanks to MotorLot.”

Ryan Patterson
Rand's Auto Sales

“Have to say: after using dealer software applications for more than 10 years MotorLot is the best one I've worked with.”

Mondo Lopez
F1 Attitude